Visual Art Influences

“Visual art has always been an influence and inspiration in my music, from a very young age.  I have been surrounded by art all my life, my mother is an artist, and I have obsessively visited art museums around the world.  My dream is to play a series of concerts at art museums and galleries” – Joel Garten


Giorgio Morandi

“Morandi was an Italian artist who spent his entire life as an artist almost entirely devoted to painting his collection of small ceramic bowls, containers and pitchers.  He arranged these objects in harmonious ways, and his paintings have a deeply contemplative aspect to them, which over the hundreds of compositions he created elevate to an abstract plane.   I music is very much inspired and influenced by Morandi.  I have spent two decades working over some of the same themes and musical concepts, over and over again, and with the same type of meditative engagement. My lifetime of music could is like Morandi’s lifetime of painting, repeating over and over and in different patterns the same notes, concepts and rhythms, slowly and organically changing over time.  I have in my collection an original drawing by Morandi, dating to 1952, and it is a great inspiration to me.”



Mark Rothko

“A lot of the beauty of Rothko’s work comes from the radiance of the color he uses.  Likewise, I find when I repeat over and over the same complex harmonic patterns, there is a type of radiance born in the sound, which is not entirely picked up in recordings, but exists with a subtle intensity when I am at the piano.”



Jackson Pollock

“I have been described as “the Jackson Pollock of the piano.”  Pollock’s work had a technique that could be described as gestural.  He used his hand movements to create rhythmic canvases. Likewise, my music is very physical, it is created by my physical relationship to the keys of the keyboard as much as anything else.  As well, I move around in a dancelike ways when I play, in a way that relates to the rhythmic quality of the music.”


Richard Diebenkorn

“Often when I am playing piano, Diebenkorn’s work comes to mind.”


Piet Mondrian

“Mondrian is one of my earliest artistic influences.  I was recently at the Museum of Modern Art, and I was looking at one of his paintings, and I really heard my music in the painting.  It was a very strong feeling.  I had my girlfriend take out her phone, and we went to my website and played one of my pieces in front of the painting.  There was a great frisson between the art and the music.”

clyfford still

Cyfford Still

“Clyfford Still is a great inspiration to me.  He considered his artworks to be a living thing, with a soul, and I feel the same way about my music. I have spent many hours in the Clyfford Still room at the Metropolitan Museum in New York”