Joel Garten’s artwork was featured in the April 2014 issue of Toronto Life


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Joel Garten’s music was featured on Composer’s Circle



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Joel Garten’s music was featured twice on the well regarded Musicuratum out of Amsterdam


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Joel Garten’s artwork was chosen as a favorite at the Architectural Digest Show by New York Spaces Magazine


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Joel Garten’s article, an interview with MoMA curator David Platzker about the John Cage Exhibition was featured on the MoMA facebook page and twitter feed (1.6 million followers)


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Joel Garten was quoted on Beliefnet, describing a type of meditation he created himself



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Joel Garten’s artwork was featured on the blog NYC2LA, who called the featured work “an over the top masterpiece”


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The Classical music blog String Visions covered Joel Garten’s

recording of improvisations during Hurricane Sandy



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Avant Music News included Joel Garten’s article about recording music during Hurricane Sandy in their weekly roundup.




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Joel Garten’s Archive of articles he has written on the Huffington Post



Read the archive.  Includes Garten’s series of artist profiles of new music performers and composers.


 Joel Garten has had three Letters to the Editor published in the New York Times.

Letter to the Editor, published July 2007

LETTERS; 8th Annual Year In Ideas Published December 28, 2008

Letters: The 6th Annual Year in Ideas December 24, 2006



 Joel Garten’s writing is featured on his Arts Journal called Fresh Pound


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