Permanent Crimson

Artist and Composer Joel Garten announces his new painting series entitled “Permanent Crimson”

Two works by Joel Garten in the Permanent Crimson series.  Joel Garten’s new series of works prominently feature intense reds, saturated crimson colors and warm pinks.


“Permanent Crimson III” by Joel Garten, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas


Joel Garten is now in the process of creating a new series of works entitled “Permanent Crimson” based on the deep burnt red color of the same name.  His new series of works on canvas are large scale and have a bold expressionist style, remaining true to Garten’s influence from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Abstract Expressionism.

Garten, who is also a composer, improviser and pianist, utilizes a gestural intuitive process to create his artworks.  They are imbued with an intensity and energy which shares a common origin with his intense, passionate piano improvisations which he has honed over two decades.

He believes in following a sense of flow in artistic creation.  “Whatever I create, be it art or music or even my whole life, I feel a sense of flow – of one thing progressing to the next naturally and intuitively, guided occasionally by conscious intervention.”

He has become entranced by the possibilities of using deep, intense red and pink colors in this new series, from ruby reds to light pinks. “I started to use a new acrylic paint which is very liquid and allows a lot of manipulation in a finger or hand painting technique.  It is a very expressive medium.  I knew I needed to pair down my chromatic range to concentrate more on the compositional elements of the paintings, to feel more of the feeling of the line, to let it really express itself. Therefore I have focused on this set of colors, ones that I find very beautiful and very expressive.”

Garten’s work is recognized for its energetic hand, and often draws comparison to Cy Twombly, though his works draws upon a multitude of artistic influences and inspiration. Garten has an encyclopaedic knowledge of art gained through obsessively visiting museums in more than 40 countries.

“I have a broad appreciation for art in many forms, from old master paintings to Islamic calligraphy to Balinese music to Burmese textiles.  The creative spirit runs through my whole life.”

Indeed, Garten lives what he describes as an artist’s life. “I follow that sense of flow through my everyday life, one that is filled with creative potential, but that remains a two edged sword – sometimes I can be overwhelmed by my own thoughts and dreams.”

Joel Garten’s art and music can be viewed and listened to on his website,  He is based in Toronto but also has a presence in New York City.  He is currently planning an exhibition of his “Permanent Crimson” works as well as working on a new CD of piano improvisations.


“Permanent Crimson VI” by Joel Garten, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas



Joel Garten



“Permanent Crimson VIII” by Joel Garten, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas