Joel Garten: Improvisations.
Joel Garten music CD
On this engaging CD, Garten performs his trademark solo piano improvisations, revealing a composer and performer who is both young and fresh, but also an experienced musician who has been part of the musical avant-garde since childhood. On this remarkable set of recordings, created in four sessions at Garten’s own studio, he plays from the heart, and often reaches inside the piano, strumming the strings with his fingers, with paint brushes, and all sorts of hardware. This is a CD not to be missed by those interested in the present and future of experimental jazz and modern classical music.

Produced by Joel Garten

Track List

Track 1: Improvisation 1 (3:16)

Track 2: Piano Piece with Chopsticks and Paintbrush (1:25)

Track 3: Improvisation 2 (2:45)

Track 4: Piano Piece with a large number of tools (1:27)

Track 5: Piano Piece with soundboard resonance (2:10)

Track 6: Piano Piece with soundboard resonance 2 (2:31)

Track 7: Piano Piece with large tweezers (2:14)

Track 8: Improvisation 3 (5:11)

Track 9: Improvisation 4 (4:09)

Track 10: Piano Piece for the piano as a harp (2:34)

Track 11: Improvisation 5 (6:23)

Track 12: Improvisation 6 (2:05)

Track 13: Piano Piece with file and brush (1:42)

Track 14: Improvisation 7 (2:10)

Track 15: Piano Piece with doorstop and metal comb (2:36)

Track 16: Improvisation 8 (4:53)

Track 17: Piano Piece with file and toothbrush (2:07)

Track 18: Improvisation 9 (9:23)

Track 19: Improvisation 10 (5:30)